by Susan Donovan

ISBN: 0-312-98374-3
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Mass Market Paperback

With a bold title like Knock Me Off My Feet, I couldnít help but guess who it was going to be, the female character, Audie, or the male character Quinn. Little did I know it would be me, the reader!

From the beginning I was hooked by the authorís fast paced writing and funny situations. Beginning with Audie, AKA Homey Helen, a purported cross between Martha Stewart and Heloise, who in reality is a soccer kicking tom-boy in prim clothing. Since sheís received several death threats, a touchy detective is assigned to investigate the situation. Quinn is also a dichotomy, appearing all silent, business-like and macho-cop. Donít we just love when those facades fade and reveal a big-hearted, romantic-talking, larger-than-life male! After Audie basically falls at Quinnís feet during their first meeting at her T.V. station, itís Quinn who falls fast for the pseudo-domestic beauty.

Quinn has to keep a close eye on Audie and doesnít mind a bit. He quickly becomes infatuated and takes her to meet his very loving and crazy Irish family. Never close with her own mother, the original and true Homey Helen, family is really an alien concept to Audie, and she struggles at the Quinn family gatherings and their obvious show of love and devotion for every member of the family, especially for the women. I love one scene where Audie meets Quinnís niece. Esther has cystic fibrosis, but instead of pitying her or being overprotective, Quinn explained that they all went to class to learn how to punch her chest and care for her. Audie is struck by such love and acceptance, and realizes this may be the real thing, a real and honest family, one that laughs and cries together. One in which all are loved.

I also love the role reversal between Audie and Quinn, who is so domesticated that not only does he possess an extremely clean home, he cooks a meal for Audie, who canít boil water, and has no desire to. Itís extremely humorous that heís secretly worshipped Homey Helen, knowing every cleaning tip and even keeps them in a journal.

Audie is every guys dream, a beauty that enjoys and plays sports, but enjoys sex more! Her idea of a perfect winter afternoon is to have, wild sweaty sex on the floor and then popping out to a sports bar for a Guinness. Itís talk like this that drives Quinn wild. One of the best scenes is the very original sex conversation while Quinnís driving on the express-way! Once out of the car, itís Quinnís turn to pillow talk, or should I say, floor-talk, and itís not about how to properly clean ceramic tile! He makes Audie crazy with his explicit language and love making. Thereís plenty more sexy scenes, but before Audie can commit to Quinn, heís got to find out whoís trying to rub-out Homey Helen.

I highly recommend this debut book by Susan Donovan. Youíll just have to ignore the ironing and vacuuming and order pizza for the family until youíve finished being knocked off your feet by this saucy, sexy romp. And be on the look-out for her next romance Take A Chance On Me due out in August!

Reviewed in July 2003 by Suemarie.

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