by Christina Dodd

ISBN: 0-7434-5617-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Hope Prescott has been alone in the word since the fateful day her parents died seven years ago. The good people of Hobart, Texas shipped Hope and her three siblings off to different foster homes across the country instead of trying to find a way to keep the family together. Hope has vowed to someday find her missing siblings.

Hope works for an answering service and has come to love her clients as if they were her family. Hope lives as modestly as possible. She spends most of her money on college courses and saves as much as she can in hopes of finding her long lost siblings.

Zachariah Givens has become a hard-core businessman, running the family business and taking over companies with no thought to the consequences to the people who are losing their lifeís work. When his secretary, Mrs. Farrell, goes on an extended vacation, she hires a replacement, her friend Meredith Spencer, and arranges for Zachís calls to be handled by Madam Nainciís answering service. All the technically challenged Zach has to do is push one button on the phone to retrieve his messages.

The first night Zach calls to get his messages, Hope answers and mistakes him for his butler, Mr. Griswald. Zach is captivated by Hopeís voice and doesnít correct her mistake. He soon finds himself calling just to chat with Hope. After an unexpected meeting Zach finds himself drawn even more to Hope, who still thinks he is the butler, Griswald. Will this deception be his downfall? Zach has always wanted someone to like him for who he is and not his money but Hope thinks heís a butler. Will she be able to overlook his deception?

Just The Way You Are, is a wonderful leap into the contemporary world for best selling historical author Christina Dodd. She brings the warm characters she is known for into the 21st century and is sure to add a whole new fan base to her following with this book.

I found Hope and Zach to be characters I could truly care about. Ms. Dodd did a wonderful job of making Hope feisty as well as innocent. Zack is the typical misunderstood rich boy. He and Hope really arenít all that different. Ms. Dodd has also created secondary characters that sparkle as well. With touches of warmth and humor Just The Way You Are is a very enjoyable read. Contemporary romance readers have a bright new star to watch and her name is Christina Dodd.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Barbara.

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