by Michele Bardsley

March 2011
ISBN: 978-0-451-23275-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Nevermore, Texas

Betrayed by his ex-wife, Kerren, a Rackmore witch, Dragon Wizard Gray Calhoun has spent the last five years living in self-imposed exile. Gray has shut himself away from the rest of his small town, Nevermore, Texas and has been remiss in his duties as Guardian. Then of all people, who shows up in need and pleading for his help? His former sister-in-law, Lucinda Rackmore!

Lucinda Rackmore is on the run from her black hearted lover, master wizard Bernard Franco, who has cast a binding spell on her powers, causing Lucy to become weak and pathetic. Lucy knows of only one person who has the might to help her fight back against depraved Bernard, Gray Calhoun. Will Gray protect Lucy after her vile sisterís treachery? Lucy isnít surprised when Gray turns her away, and soon finds herself literally out in the rain and cold. Then Gray has a change of heart once he learns of Bernardís plans and gives Lucinda his protection, something he swore to Never Again do, Gray will marry a Rackmore witch!

Spellbinding from start to finish enter the dark alternate world of the Wizards of Nevermore. Magically created by author Michele Bardsley, Never Again, will absolutely enthrall you! Meet heroic wizard Gray Calhoun who is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and show mercy and compassion to the down but not out Lucy Rackmore. Lucy is all that her infamous family is not, kind, loving and brave. Add in mysterious deaths, sexual heat, and a little bit of mirth via some enchanted tomes, and you got yourself one hot paranormal read! Canít wait for the sequel!

Reviewed in March 2011 by Bonnie.

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