by Lucy Monroe

February 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-23980-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Moon Burning is the third book in Lucy Monroe’s Children of the Moon series. Barr has been asked by his former laird to lead the Donegal clan as acting laird and to train the Chrechte, the shape shifters, amongst the clan. It is not an easy task because the former laird of the Donegal clan was anything but kind or motivated to make a strong community for his followers. Instead, fear ruled the Donegal clan. But with Barr at its helm, things are changing for the better.

While out hunting, Barr rescues a woman injured on the forest floor. She claims to have no memory of how she came to be on Donegal land but Barr has his suspicions. He also has a very strong attraction to Sabrine. Unfortunately, Sabrine is no ordinary woman. She is a shape shifting raven and warrior for her clan, the enemy of Barr’s shape shifting wolf people and she has a secret mission in infiltrating the Donegal clan. Will she be able to carry it out when day by day, she grows closer to Barr? When she falls for him a little bit more every time she sees the kindness in his heart?

Lucy Monroe is still a master a creating chemistry that leaps off the pages. There is no denying the attraction between Barr and Sabrine. I enjoyed seeing them learn to come to terms with their attraction, despite their differences. However, I felt the pace of this story in general was very slow and that the reason for Sabrine being at the Donegal clan was often forgotten in the heat of her attraction. I never felt like her warrior persona fully came to fruition. The relationships in this story, whether between Barr and Sabrine, between Barr and the clan, or even Sabrine and the women she befriends, is where this story finds it strength.

Moon Burning stands alone on its own very well so readers can come into this story not feeling left out of the previous books. While I wish there had been a bit more plot to this book, I nonetheless enjoyed the romance that was the star of this book.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Sarah.

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