by Catherine Coulter

February 1999
ISBN: 0-515-12420-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Catherine Coulter does it again in her story Mad Jack. Jack isn't 'Mad', angry or otherwise..Heck, Jack isn't even a Jack; he's actually Winifred Levering Bascombe, in disguise. Intrigued yet, well read on, it only gets better!

Winifred Levering Bascombe is in a bit of a pickle. Her stepfather, the nasty Sir Henry Wallace-Stanford, has just locked her in her room, until she agrees to marry someone of his choosing. What's an eighteen-year-old girl to do? Well, she ties her bed linens together and climbs out the window, that's what! She makes an escape to some dear elderly lady friends, whom she lovingly calls 'the aunts'. "The Aunts" devise a scheme to free Winifred from her stepfather's clutches and soon, Winifred finds herself dressed as the aunt's valet, Mad Jack, visiting at the home of Lord Cliffe, Grayson St. Cyre, whom by the way, is the real nephew to 'the aunts', Whew, out of one mess, right into another!

Grey hasn't seen his great-aunts in many, many years, and can't help but wonder what brings them to him now. After they tell him of their misfortune and ask for his assistance, he gladly takes them, and their strange valet, into his home. But it soon becomes clear, that this 'Mad Jack' isn't all that 'mad' or a 'Jack' for that matter. When Gray discovers Jack's real identity, the real fun begins.

"Jack" steals Gray's horse; Gray follows, captures, and in the end, after a fashion, marries her. After they finally come to some understanding of their marriage, another outside person puts a wrench into their new loving existence. Will they be able to find the truth to this new mystery, or let it consume them and ruin their lives and newfound love?

This is a great, fun filled story. You'll be revisited by the Sherbrooke clan again, and meet two very eccentric old 'aunts', Mathilda and Maude, who will steal your heart away. There's also a variety of loving and meddling servants, and, yes, also a cat named Eleanor. You'll meet Helen Mayberry, whom you will read in the story The Courtship, and there is even a few mentions of Spenser Heatherington, one of the main characters in The Courtship.

Gray and Jack are the most perfect couple you'll ever meet. Given the way they start out, they really suit each other to a 'T', and will make wonderful, beautiful children together, if they can just get down to the business of making them, that is! Shhh...but they keep getting interrupted quite a bit. Those darn Sherbrookes are always showing up at the darndest times!!

You will absolutely love this book. It's a definite keeper.


Reviewed in December 2001 by Debbie.

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