by Annabel Joseph

October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2978-6
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Ekaterine or Kat, as she is known as, is a party girl with no direction in her life. She is lost in the world of going to clubs and feeling the music, but deep down where she hides there is a feeling of complete emptiness. That life is random and has no direction. That is a pretty crappy attitude for the daughter of a respected fortune teller. She is the only one in her family not married and her life is just comprised of clubs and meaningless hook-ups. Her life is going no where fast, but she canít stop its downward spiral.

Ryan has been watching Kat for quite sometime. He is drawn by her exotic looks and hot body, but completely turned off by her whorish ways. He knows she needs some direction, but he is sooooo not trying to get mixed up with her.

Then an almost fatal accident occurs and Kat wakes up to Ryan being her attending doctor. Oh great someone to give her advice. Ryan has decided to guide her with a strong hand into the world of BDSM. Of course, Kat is resisting because she is not interested in any kind of discipline, but then pain becomes pleasure, and passion is developing into something more. Maybe.

Fortune is a delectable BDSM story. It is a story of love, trust, and a dominate/submissive relationship. Ms. Joseph character development is superb. Although Kat has issues her character is not a complete whiner. She is sub with strength, and Ryan is a dominant with heart. I really enjoyed this story.

Reviewed in January 2011 by Lakisha.

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