by Megan Hart

July 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-075-5
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After years of waiting for someone to love her, Hallie Deacon is engaged to be married. Though her fiancť, Jonathan Picard, criticizes her every move, she is sure she loves him. That is until she meets charismatic riverboat captain Alex Reeves. In an instant, Hallie feels more for Alex than she ever felt for Jonathan.

Albeit Alex is drawn to Hallie, he has sworn off women, especially a woman like Hallie who might make him forget that he doesnít believe in love anymore. Love has done nothing for him but shatter his heart and almost bring an end to his career.

Can the force of Hallieís and Alexís love override the currents separating them or will unspoken words and a spiteful relative destroy the chance of their happiness?

Though I am a huge fan of Megan Hartís, I donít think Riverboat Bride is her best effort to date. Although Hartís craft with a pen is clearly evident as she gives an often-told tale her own special twist, this novel is still not up to her usual standard of exceptional writing. Unlike her previous books, Riverboat Bride is too long and drags on tediously. The pace of the novel is also uneven, and there are gaps in the story line, which leave the reader hanging.

Appearing one dimensional, the characters, for the most part, are somewhat dull. As lovers, Hallie and Alex lack chemistry, and as a result, the love scenes are unimpressive. The most interesting person in the story is undoubtedly Jonathanís cousin Alice, and even her character is a bit too confusing in her abrupt changes from one mood to another.

I personally would not recommend Riverboat Bride unless youíre just a fan of Hartís who has to read everything she writes. Hopefully, her next book will be better.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Natasha.

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