by Angela Johnson

November 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0858-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Rosalyn Harcourt never wants to marry again. In fact, she plans to take a vow of chastity so she and her son will never be at the mercy of another cruel lord ever again. Then Sir Rand Montague shows up with orders to take her to see King Edward. He has ordered her to marry Sir Golan, a man rumored to have killed his wife. Lady Rosalyn is scared to death because she sees the same cruelty in Golanís eyes that she saw in her dead husband. If she marries him, her life is over.

Rand can not stand Sir Golan. He knows him to be a cruel, ugly man who exerts his power over the helpless. He knows the only way to get Rose out of this situation is marry her. She agrees to marry him on one condition, no sex. Bertram ruined that for her, and she will never allow her wanton heat to dictate her body again.

Unfortunately, chastity is not one of Randís strong suits. As their relationship develops, Rose is finding it harder and harder to resist the pull of attraction. Not only that, there is a hidden enemy who is trying to eliminate Rand, Rose and her son.

Vow of Deception is a pretty good historical read. The story starts off a little slow but it wonderfully gains momentum. What I really enjoyed about this story is the way the author explains the psyche of a person who has been in an abusive relationship. She does not make excuses for either one of the characters, instead, she allows them to be strong overcomers. Angela Johnson has created a jewel of literature.

Reviewed in December 2010 by Lakisha.

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