by Katie MacAlister

ISBN: 0-451-41113-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Manchester, England

American Mystery author, Kathie Williams, was drooling at the mystery writers’ conference after her long flight from New York. She woke up suddenly when an old woman was trying to put a tissue under her chin. She was embarrassed and returned to her hotel room to change her clothes and then went back to peer through the door to the conference. She sported a handsome Scotsman, hanging around at a corner of the venue who looked bored. She decided to stand next to him and watch what everyone was doing at the conference. It didn’t take long for Kathie to break her silence and started chatting with the Scotsman and she was fascinated by the deep voice and personality of this man.

Iain MacLaren is an avid mystery reader and it is pure faith that he met the only American writer at the conference. He is a farmer and owns a sheep farm in the Highland and his sons made the arrangement for him to attend the mystery writers’ conference. He finds Kathie a funny woman and asks her out for supper and the two just hit it off.

Men in Kilts is not like any contemporary romance that I have ever read. The story starts with the heroine jumps the hero at first sight and targets him as the love of her life. What she experiences is not just a romantic love but also how to build trust and love to overcome all the differences between their families and culture. The tale is amusing and full of funny situations that make you laugh out loud from beginning to end and you can hardly find a dull moment.

Men in Kilts is refreshing and humorous with a die to kill hero. You may wonder why American women are so fascinated with men in kilts and what’s underneath their kilts. Have fun!

Reviewed in October 2003 by Rose.

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