by Heather Grothaus

March 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4201-1242-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

December 1276

Fallstowe Castle, England

When faced with a proclamation by her domineering older sister, Sybilla, to wed a loathsome nobleman with an even more detestable mother, Lady Alys Foxe decides to take her own fate in hand. Alys heads off to the ancient Foxe Ring ruins where legend says that if a woman meets a man at midnight they are as good as wed. Falling asleep cuddled with her new pet monkey, Layla, Alys comes wide awake to Laylaís screeching and a manís curse racked screams! The legend is about to be fulfilled for Alys but only if she can convince the stranger, the only man in England who seems to be unaware of the tale!

Simple dairy farmer Piers Mallory has been on the run since the death of his sire, Lord Warin Mallory. Beaten by his vile stepbrother at the behest of his manipulating witch of a stepmother, and left for dead, Piers was nursed back from the grave by a kindhearted monk. He is now on his way to London to meet with King Edward to claim what is his birthright, the Mallory lands and title. Stopping to rest on the Fallstowe lands at the Foxe Ring ruins, Piers comes upon a sleeping beauty, and cannot help but be drawn to her. Then her wretched pet monkey tries to protect Alys from what she perceives as a danger to her mistress and all heck is about to break loose. Never Kiss a Stranger at midnight amongst the ruins as a perturbed Piers has now found out! The headstrong Alys is now determined to accompany her new ďhusbandĒ on his quest!

Never Kiss a Stranger by Heather Grothaus takes a huge detour from the typical straight and narrow medieval romance. Itís fresh, surprising and an absorbing tale thatís filled with unforgettable characters. I loved the proud Piers and the equally stubborn Alys who together embark on a journey that is fraught with twists and turns. Heather Grothaus continues to change the face of romance fiction with her amazing writing talent! Please say there are sequels in the works for Alysí two sisters?

Reviewed in April 2011 by Bonnie.

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