by Barbara Cartland

May 1999
ISBN: 1-57723-423-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Essentials South
Mass Market Paperback

The Goddess and the Gaiety Girl was a new kind of read for me. It was written in a quaint style that I found appealing and I found the author, Barbara Cartland to have a very sweet style of writing. It is a short book, only one hundred fifty-two pages which makes it a great book to snuggle up with and read on a rainy afternoon. Ms. Cartland conveyed her feelings very fluently without ever using graphic details or sordid scenes. In her story the author captivates you with a passionate love scene and shows you the ugly side of life, without ever making the reader uncomfortable which is surprising once you know the details of her story!

The story begins with Katie King, a beautiful actress who dances at the Gaiety Girl Theatre. Katie is in her early twenties and dying of cancer. Her only hope of surviving is a surgery that she cannot even dream of being able to afford. To pass the time, as she lies confined to her bed, she shares the sad story of her arrival in London and the Duke she despises. Her lover sees a glimmer of hope in her story and sets in action a bold and clever, if not honorable plan to save his lover's life.

Larentia Braintree's father is dying. Her only hope for his survival is a surgery the much respected, but impoverished scholar cannot afford. Harry Carrington, Katie King's desperate lover shows up on her doorstep with a wild scheme to save both beloved patients. All the honorable and innocent Lerentia has to do is pretend to be a dead dukes secret wife! Too bad when she meets the powerful and alluring current duke she falls hopelessly in love. How does she resolve the necessary lies, the horrible position of being believed to be little better than a prostitute to his family? Mrs. Cartland does a fine job of bringing the story together for a wonderfully believable ending.

The author of The Goddess and the Gaiety Girl is a very interesting character herself. She has led a very interesting and very long life. One of her accomplishments is being "The Best Selling Author" in the Guiness Book of World Records". What an accomplishment and inducement to try out one of her books! Let me know what you think of the story and writing style. Do you like the innocence of her books or miss the more graphic scenes? I hope you are as delightfully surprised as I was by this little treasure!

Reviewed in November 2001 by Renee.

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