by Rachel Gibson

May 2011
ISBN: 978-0061579110
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Autumn Haven and Sam LeClaire once fell passionately in lust with each other in Las Vegas and decided to marry. All was not well when Autumn woke the next morning to find Sam gone. Their marriage was a farce that led to mutual animosity on both of their parts but it gave them a shared bond in their five-year-old son, Conner. When they see each other at a wedding for one of Samís teammates, the animosity is somewhat tempered. Autumn just wants to live her life without anger and Sam, well, heck if she knows what he wants.

But after a no-holds barred fight with Autumn, Sam starts living up to his priorities: his son. He does not want to be the kind of father his own dad was, a man who was rarely involved in his sonís life. The more time Sam starts spending with Conner, the more time Sam wants to spend with Autumn. Their attraction is back but can it last?

Any Man of Mine is another Rachel Gibson book set in her world of the Seattle Chinooks hockey team. Sam is a wealthy playboy who uses his son somewhat callously at first, deigning to visit him when he has the time. But when Autumn calls him out on his behavior, it truly makes him examine what he wants from his relationship with his son. Sam is not cruel or intentionally thoughtless; he was just too busy enjoying some sin. He is quick to realize that Conner is growing up without him and does make an honest efforts to spend time with his son. This of course throws him into close contact with Autumn and the attraction that never quite died, no matter how cruel his behavior.

Autumn and Sam do not have an easy road of forgiveness in front of them but fortunately, Rachel Gibson makes their renewed attraction genuine and fraught with both healthy emotions and the vestiges of the past.

I am already eager for another Rachel Gibson book. Any Man of Mine has her trademark cutting sarcasm and humor, along with a sizzling attraction between the lead characters. This is another great addition to her hockey stories.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Sarah.

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