by Kristan Higgins

April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-373-77557-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Harper James is a successful divorce attorney leading a pretty great life. She has a boyfriend, Dennis, that she is in the midst of convincing to marry her (after all, with two and a half years together, it is time to make things permanent), when she gets a phone call from her younger sister, Willa, who announces she is getting married. Harperís problem radar immediately goes off and she knows this cannot be good.

Willa has two marriages behind her already. All Harper wants her to do is wait, especially when she discovers that Willaís intended is none other than her once-upon-a-time brother-in-law, Christopher. Which means that Harperís ex-husband, Nick, is coming to the wedding too. Talk about trouble! There are plenty of unresolved emotions between Nick and Harper and it is a tense family wedding to say the least. And when plane trouble grounds Harper in Montana, she decides to ride with Nick to the nearest airport, leading to a road trip across the country with plenty of time to start tackling emotions.

There is both good and bad to this romance. Harper is a great character who deals with some very serious emotional blockage caused by her motherís deserting the family when Harper was thirteen. It has affected her life ever since and particularly her issues with Nick, which she tries to articulate but he just will not listen. While Harper is an interesting woman, leading a full life, even with her issues, Nick on the other hand is downright annoying as he tries to pressure Harper time and time again into a commitment she is not ready for. No matter how often she tries to explain her emotions and thoughts about their quick wedding of the past, and their continuing connection, he wants to move forward, full-steam ahead without giving her time to process. As a character, he really frustrated me.

Thus, My One and Only is a mixed bag of emotions. Nick is frankly not the greatest male character ever but fortunately, Harper saves the book with her emotional constipation, her friendships, her love of family, and her dedication to what she believes in. Kristan Higgins definitely can still create satisfying romances; this story just did not come together in the way her past books have for me.

Reviewed in March 2011 by Sarah.

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