by Julie James

March 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24016-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Jordan Rhodes is a successful businesswoman, running a thriving wine store in Chicago. She is also the daughter of a billionaire and even though she stands on her own two feet when it comes to money, it does not hurt that she has wealth on her side. Of course, wealth and privilege do not protect everything in her life and it certainly did not protect her twin brother, Kyle, when he got sent to prison for shutting down Twitter. So, when the FBI comes knocking on her door, needing her for one of their undercover cases, she cannot say no when it means Kyle can go free.

Nick McCall is not exactly looking forward to working with Jordan. He is one of the best undercover agents in Chicago but somehow Jordan gets under his skin, and when bad luck starts sneaking in on his case, he knows that Jordan is going to be a lot more trouble than she is worth. When the case takes a turn for the worse, Nick realizes he has to play his double role a bit longer, which means being around Jordan for a bit longer. Yeah, he wants to take down the bad guy but the more time he spends with Jordan, the more he realizes that there is something real about their fake relationship. He is starting to develop feelings for Jordan and surely that spells doom for this die-hard bachelor. Or perhaps, Nick will realize that what he has with Jordan is too wonderful to lose.

A Lot Like Love will make you fall in love. This is a top-notch contemporary romance. The dialogue is hot and snappy, the chemistry between Nick and Jordan is undeniably scintillating, and the investigation is even interesting. Julie James has a magic touch when it comes to creating characters with real human emotions and actions. Nick acts like a guy, a definite manís man with his dislike for scarves worn indoors, his preference for bourbon, and his avoidance of expressing his feelings. He just felt very realistic and well-written, and fortunately the same can be said for Jordan who also hides her feelings, has a deep appreciation for wine, and will do anything to protect her family. These two create fireworks when they are together and it makes this story a fabulous read from beginning to end. Julie James proves yet again why she has become one of my favorite romance writers. A Lot Like Love is wonderful!

Reviewed in February 2011 by Sarah.

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