by Jaci Burton

February 2011
ISBN: 978-0425238813
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Mick Riley leads a privileged life. He is wealthy, handsome, and has a great career as the quarterback for the San Francisco Sabers. Life comes easily to him, perhaps to his detriment. All he knows is that when he meets event planner Tara Lincoln, he will do whatever it takes to persuade her that he wants something more than a fling.

Tara Lincoln is a busy woman. Her business, while gaining success, is still a work in progress. She is raising her fourteen going on fifteen-year-old son, Nathan, and has no time for a man in her life, let alone a high profile man like Mick Riley. However, he makes her blood warm and sets her on fire. A little fling cannot hurt, right?

The Perfect Play is a sexy as all get-out kickoff to Jaci Burtonís new sport series. Mick is the perfect man to pursue Tara because he will not give up. It is what makes him such a dedicated football player. He knows the rules but is not afraid to bend them to make a touchdown and this philosophy applies to Tara. He is kind, generous, but yeah, he does make some mistakes so he is not perfect either. Tara is a strong woman and I like how she let Mick become part of her life, despite her initial wariness. These two come from very different backgrounds but they are forming something wonderful.

The Perfect Play sizzles and snaps with sexy intensity and emotional ferocity. Jaci Burton definitely scores a touchdown with this book!

Reviewed in February 2011 by Sarah.

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