by Lisa Cach

October 2001
ISBN: 0-505-52454-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Dorchester Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Anne Hazlett has a dream. She dreams of a tropical island, an island she is queen of. Brave that she is, she decides to go looking for it and hires on as a companion to a lady traveling to India. A journey filled with boredom, if it wasn’t for one handsome gentleman, East India Company officer Horatio Morivale. He is a flirt and a hero I wouldn’t mind as my traveling companion.

Horatio is an honorable man, always willing to do the right thing no matter the consequences. A man ready for adventure and thrilled to have found it in a shipwreck, pirates, a mutiny and headhunters. A man never losing his good cheer and appreciating the chivalrous tendencies Anne is bringing forth in him. A hero that actually strives to be one.

Horatio and Anne are destined to be together. They fit. Anne is unafraid to go after what she desires, to face dangers, a clingy monkey, a pretend marriage and to believe in signs. She is perfect for Horatio who protects his growing feelings for her behind smiles and jokes, but is willing to give anything for her happiness and her dreams.

I love how Lisa Cach allowed for the heroine’s fulfillment of her dreams, I loved that Anne didn’t have to give up on them. I love that she never even was asked to make the choice. I admired Anne for her inner strength and had no problems believing Horatio to be a little intimidated. But of course he is allowed to prove his worth. The only thing I didn’t like that much was how it all came together in the end. Somehow it felt too easy and too civilized.

However, a Lisa Cach book this is - as witty, unique and entertaining as I now know to expect from her stories. And still she manages to surprise. There always seems to be another way of bending the romance genre’s rules. Looking for something unexpected? Then do pick one of Lisa Cach’s books.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Kris Alice.

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