by Christine Feehan

ISBN: 0-8439-4994-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lucian Daratrazanoff is a man standing on the brink of disaster. He is one of the most powerful and dangerous Carpathian males alive. Through the ages while he and his twin brother Gabriel hunted vampires Lucian acquired a great deal of knowledge and power none of which would help should his worst fear be realized. If he should ever slacken the steely control he holds on the reins of his inner demons he will become the greatest evil the world has ever seen.

Since his brother, Gabriel (Dark Legend), no longer fights by his side Lucian must face his demons alone until the one woman fashioned just for him appears. Unfortunately time is growing short. He must claim his lifemate without delay. Will she be able to handle the powerful man fate has chosen for her?

Detective Jaxon Montgomery is a woman of immense skill and fortitude. She fiercely protective of others and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure their safety. However with a vicious killer stalking her every move she is unwilling to put anyone else in danger. He is willing to destroy anyone who stands between he and Jaxx; he will stop at nothing to keep her all to himself.

Lucian rescues Jaxx from certain death during a botched police raid her recovery at his home deepens their attraction to each other. Lucian is drawn to Jaxx and single-mindedly endeavors to put an end to the threat against her. He has vowed to safeguard his love for all eternity for she is the light to his darkness and no one will be permitted to harm her. No one.

Christine Feehan has done it again. She has created an alternative reality inhabited by characters that are powerful, valiant, and intriguing. You will not want to put this book down for even a minute. Lucian is wildly attractive character despite what may sound like chauvinism in his dialogue. The sex is hot and the story is fast paced. You are really in for a treat.


Reviewed in September 2003 by Cynthia.

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