by Christine Feehan

ISBN: 0-505-52375-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Aidan Savage has hunted vampires for centuries. He belongs to a race of beings named Carpathians; a name taken from the mountain region in Romania that they call home. He has existed for hundred of years waiting for the other half of his soul to appear. For centuries he has hunted the vampires —those who have given up hope — he has fought to protect his people and mortals from their ever-increasing threat. Now, he is weary of a battle that never seems to end. Without his lifemate, his wife, the other half of his soul, the one woman created just for him Aidan will not be able to go on. The longer a Carpathian man goes without finding his mate the more dangerous he becomes.

Alexandria Houton is in desperate need of a good paying job in order to support herself and her young brother Jamie. She has been mother and father to Jamie since their parents’ deaths several years ago. She would willingly make any sacrifice for Jamie. When Alex is drawn out into the night she is brutally attacked and abducted by a vampire. The vampire then enthralls Jamie and forces Alex to accept his foul plan to convert her and make her his lifemate.

In the nick of time Aidan appears and saves them, however, he inadvertently completes Alex’s conversion. Aidan is astonished to realize Alex is his other half yet he wonders if she will survive her conversion mentally and physically intact.

Once again the larger than life Carpathian men pay us a welcome visit. Aidan Savage is an alpha man extraordinaire. Arrogantly self-confident, passionately possessive, and seriously sexy, this Carpathian hunter scorches the pages and makes you crave naughty things. Except for some moments when you swear Aidan really needs a kick in the head, this third installment in the stand alone Carpathian series is a quite satisfying read.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Cynthia.

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