by Liz Carlyle

April 2003
ISBN: 0-7434-3787-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Frederica d’Avillez has had a disastrous Season. Her exotic mix of features only served to set her apart from the English roses of the ton. Her illegitimate birth and orphaned state did not endear her to matchmaking parents who wanted to supplement their bloodlines and incomes through marriage. Her final humilation was the message from her only beau, telling her that he would be marrying his cousin instead. Freddie just wants to experience one night of passion before settling into to the despair of spinsterhood. When she encounters a likely candidate, she decides to throw caution to the winds!

Bentley “Hell-Bent” Rutledge is a friend of the family and is taken aback by Freddie’s unhappy state. In the time-honored roll of comforter, he does not expect to be aroused by her virginal innocence. When Freddie asks him for the ultimate possession, he tries to resist, to keep his wits, but soon falls under her spell. All he hopes is that he does not hurt her or cause her more anguish.

The Devil You Know presents a few challenges to the reader. Freddie is very immature and acts childishly at times. Bentley is too brooding and erratic. The deep, dark secret that explains his ill humor is neatly tied into the conclusion of the book. If you can overlook some of these little flaws, then the book reads smoothly and is enjoyable. It does, however, make you pause from time to time, wishing you could give one of them a good kick. It definitely was not as good as her last book, No True Gentleman.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Paula.

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