by Jaide Fox

May 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-413-3
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Lady Swan of Avonleigh is under enchantment. By day she is a swan, by night she is human. A sorcerer, her trusted advisor Morvere, has cursed her. He wants control of Avonleigh, and when Swan refuses to marry her, he curses her by removing her finger, turning her into a bird and transporting her to the Shadowlands. Where beastmen and vampires rule. She must try to survive in order to break the curse and regain her throne.

Raphael, Lord of the Hunters, is a shapeshifter. He can change into a wolf at will and is responsible for the safety of the other shifters of the Shadowlands. Humans are considered prey, and this one who also smells like a bird, yet she is not a changeling, intrigues him. When he saves her life and agrees to help her, he knows he is putting his lands and his heart at risk.

Swan has some deep-seated prejudices against the shifters of the Shadowlands. She continues to hold on to them, even in the face of evidence that they are not the monsters she has been led to believe. I donít hate her because she does begin to realize that her prejudices are unfounded; and you can see she is reconsidering every thing she has been taught to believe about the inhabitants of this wild territory. She is so determined to not allow any man to control her, she closes her heart to her desire for Raphael and continually hurts him to protect herself. Raphael has his own issues to deal with. Although he is reluctant, he does finally admit, even if only to himself, that his feelings for Swan are more than lust. I was also impressed with his extraordinary patience with Swan, even though she rejects him almost constantly.

Seduced by Darkness was a quick, satisfying read. Although there are some threads that are not addressed, this reviewer was not disappointed. The sex was hot. I just wished that Swan didnít goad Raphael into losing his temper to justify her allowing him to make love to her.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Carolyn.

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