by Janet Chapman

ISBN: 0-7434-5307-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Six years ago aging wizard, Daar cast a spell that mistakenly sent Greylen and Morgan MacKeage and several other Highland warriors 800 years into the future. The men have landed in 21st century Maine. Greylen had adapted to the new world during the past years, finding a wife and starting a family. Morgan MacKeage is a different story. He is still unhappy in this new land and longs for home. The surroundings were very beautiful but men and women’s roles are very different in this new land from what Morgan knows. Still he tried to make the best of his unwanted situation, besides he had to protect the magical pond from the inhabitants of this new land

Scarred from a fire that should have left her dead but instead killed her beloved father and sister, Mercedes “Sadie” Quill has made it her life’s work to get a wild life sanctuary built to honor her father and sister. While photographing the wildlife and making the wilderness for the planned park Sadie stumbles across a naked man swimming and then sunning himself on the rocks. Unable to resist the temptation Sadie puts the viewfinder to her eye for a closer look and snaps a picture.

Hearing the shutter of the camera Morgan chases Sadie to retrieve the picture. He is in pursuit without a stitch of clothing on mind you. He finally gets close enough and tackles Sadie to the ground. The two share a few words and one very passionate kiss. Talk about two worlds colliding. Will this Highland warrior and a 21st century woman be able to find a common ground and allow the bubbling passion they feel for each other triumph over their very different wills?

Janet Chapman is a brilliant new voice in time travel romance. Loving The Highlander is my first glimpse of Ms Chapman’s work. Yes I know, it’s the second book of a series and one should not read a series out of order, but to tell the truth my book store did not have any copies of her first release Charming The Highlander. After hearing all the buzz about Ms Chapman’s work my curiosity got the best of me and I snatched up the second book Loving The Highlander when I first saw it.

Ms Chapman paints a picture with her words that draws the reader into the story. One can not only see, but also feel the lush green forest and beautiful blue river that is the backdrop for this story. She transports the reader into the book. Her warmth and humorous portrayal of the hero and heroine will stay with the reader for a long time. Her secondary characters are as charming as her main characters and many of them would make for the beginnings of additional stories in this series. I often describe my favorite books as moving like movies in my head. They have the ability to make time stand still and keep me turning pages well past my bedtime. This book was all that and more. Loving The Highlander has definitely found a place on my keeper shelves. Now I’m off to try and track down a copy of Charming The Highlander to read the story that I have missed and will be first in line when the third installment Wedding The Highlander goes on sale in the fall. Janet Chapman is definitely a new name to watch.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Barbara.

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