by Julie Elizabeth Leto

June 2003
ISBN: 0-373-79096-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #92
Mass Market Paperback

As if moving to Chicago and being independent wasn’t enough, Rory Carmichael has two other goals: finding her long-lost twin, Micki, and experiencing some “adult” pleasures. When she sees people taking pages from a book called “Sexcapades,” her curiosity is peaked, and she takes two for herself. Now, all she needs is a partner for her experimentation!

Sexy landlord Alec Manning is a prime candidate for Rory’s entree into sensual pleasures. There is just one hitch - he has been burned by his libido before and is trying to maintain a hands-off relationship with his innocent tenant. But he’s only human, and what’s a guy supposed to do when he is confronted with a siren-in-training, delightfully naked and willing? I must have gone to the wrong college, because there were no professors like Alec at my alma mater!

Looking for Trouble lives up to the promise of a sexy romp that is the signature of the Blaze series. Rory and Alex find very inventive ways to raise their temperatures, and the steam rolls off the pages. I enjoyed watching Rory and Alex come to the conclusion that their no-strings relationship was stronger than mere attraction and proximity. Both characters were strong and well-written. The underlying story about Rory’s childhood and Micki’s disappearance was interesting, but not overdone. Adding to interest was the introduction of the Divine family, who run the party-planning business where Rory works. I liked Cecily and Gia, and hope that we will be seeing more of them soon.

This book marks author Julie Leto’s return to a Chicago setting, and premieres a summer series called Invitations to Seduction. Three follow-up stories are contained in a July anthology with the same name, written by three of romance’s premier novelists; Janelle Denison, Carly Phillips and Vicki Lewis Thompson. The last story, Up to No Good, is again authored by Ms. Leto, and serves as the miniseries bookend and Blaze’s 100th book. If this book is any indication, summer reading will be very hot indeed!

Reviewed in June 2003 by Paula.

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