by Vonna Harper

May 2003
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Her Passionate Need is a wild goose chase through the forest, some much needed answers and a little hanky panky!

Ana Briggs husband is dead. Left alone to care for their ranch, Ana needs money, and finds it in the way of one article writer who offers her a nice big hunk of it, if sheíll be his guide to the Siskiyous forest.

Devon Rourke is the guy in question and heís got an ulterior motive for hiring Ana, he wants to find out who killed his friend Aaron Powers. Heís also a guy with a whole lot of baggage, and Ana seems to match him suitcase for suitcase. Not to mention the fact that there's some pretty fishy stuff going on in the forest and Devon suspects Anaís dead husband.

I found some of the inner dialogue in this read intriguing, though a bit confusing at times. It was almost as though the author would counter each spoken word with a derogatory or questioning thought. I found sometimes it was just what this reviewer would have thought rather than said out loud. It gave this story a bit of a unique twist, then again it didnít always work in its favor due to some choppiness.

Ana had some sexual issues due to her parenting and her dead husbandís lack of finesse, but she handled them well as she became aware of her body and Devonís. I like a girl who can make the most of a bad situation and come out on top! Once Ana found all that simmering sexuality, she just went for it, and jumped Devonís bones as often as possible, letting all those hang ups just go. Delightful indeed. Devon is incredibly giving despite his motives, and I found his need to please Ana charming, despite his gruff exterior. Each find something to gain in pursuing a relationship, and thatís fine by this reader.

All in all a fine romp through some treacherous conditions is Her Passionate Need!

Reviewed in June 2003 by Connie.

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