by Toni Blake

January 2011
ISBN: 9780061765803
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Whisper Falls is the third book in Toni Blake's Destiny series. It is both a heart wrencher and a head scratcher.

Tessa Sheridan is cat-sitting for a friend when the cat makes a break for it and escapes into the surrounding woods. Tessa is frantic. As she is calling for the cat, she encounters a man she can only best describe as a biker: long hair, tattoos, and definitely a hard edge. He is her mysterious neighbor and though she has her suspicions about whom he is, it is not confirmed until she sees the back of his t-shirt. It is Lucky Romo, Destiny's ultimate bad boy. He is back, but to what purpose?

Lucky Romo left Destiny a long time back and he never had plans to return. But, plans change and he is back. He has not told his older brother, Mike, or his parents yet. Lucky is pretty sure he will not be welcomed back with open arms. Lucky surprises himself and decides to hire Tessa to redecorate his new house. He wants normal. Not biker, not hoodlum, just plain old average normal. Tessa is not sure why but is sure it has something to do with the mysterious room Lucky forbids her from entering.

Lucky Romo is not the man Tessa expected and she is very attracted to him. Tessa has not felt like herself in a long time and she wants to try something new and daring, and Lucky is only making that urge stronger. But can a longtime "good girl" and a definite "bad boy" make something special work?

I really enjoy the Destiny series and this title is also fairly successful. I liked seeing Tessa break out of her shell and start to defy everyone's expectations of herself. I also liked that she gave Lucky a chance, right from the get-go. Despite her friends' advice against getting to know him, she made an effort and it definitely paid off.

Lucky was the letdown for me. Honestly, he did not read like the proverbial bad boy at all. I truly never got the feeling that he was the hell raiser everyone had said he was. Yes, he was a bit lost in his family and made some bad decisions but I don't think he lived up to the hype of the bad boy that the previous two novels presented him as. He was kind of a beta male to me. He seemed like a total sweetheart from the get-go and while that is not a bad thing it was not at all what I was expecting. Nonetheless, I believed in his romance with Tessa and wanted a good ending for this troubled couple.

Whisper Falls is not my favorite in the series but it still has a strong romance and a great community thread weaving throughout the story. Toni Blake tackles tough contemporary romance with heart and happiness.

Reviewed in December 2010 by Sarah.

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