by Elizabeth Jewell

May 2003
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Trouble follows Regan O’Rourke. Her brother Paul and his best friend Burke Camden have been getting her out of scrapes since she was kid. Well now Regan is all grown up, but her brother and Burke are still rescuing her, even if she doesn’t need them to.

When she stumbles upon evidence that a co-worker and ex-boyfriend are attempting to sell company secrets, she decides to follow him and catch him red-handed. She doesn’t expect Burke to follow her, checking up on her at her brother’s request. But she allows him to stay and help her, because she soon realizes that she is out of her depth with this case, and Burke is a Private Investigator.

What she doesn’t expect is to begin seeing Burke in a different light. For some reason, she is convinced that wanting to see Burke naked and sweaty is wrong and she does her best to ignore her feelings. All she knows is, she refuses to allow him to try to control her life the way her brother has done her whole life.

Burke is not sure he should stay and help Regan. After all, he knows she is all grown up but he is used to getting her out of the scrapes she gets into due to her impetuous nature. What he doesn’t count on is the grown up feelings he begins to have for his buddy’s little sister. After all, he is 11 years older and remembers giving her "the talk".

Neither Burke nor Regan is comfortable with this new view of each other. So they decide to ignore it and hope that it goes away, but it doesn’t. Burke is the first to admit that what he feels for Regan is more than lust, but she won't. All she wants is a fling. Fast, hard, hot sex and when the case is wrapped up, they go their separate ways. Regan refuses to allow him to control her.

The Regan Factor, is a story about perceptions, trust and control. Regan has to learn that just because someone says they love you doesn’t mean they want to control you. I was a little annoyed at Regan for a while, because for all her talk about being an adult and being respected, she acted like a spoiled brat. She would withdraw and throw tantrums when she thought Burke was trying to take control of her life or tell her what to do, instead of telling him how she really felt. But she did redeem herself, although she did cause them both some heartache and pain in the process. For Burke, he has to learn that while Regan is impetuous, she is an adult and that she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. I liked Burke. He came to terms and accepted fairly early on, that Regan wasn’t a little girl anymore and what he felt for her.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Carolyn.

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