by Kathryn Anne Dubois

May 2003
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Ethan Peron is a man of habit. He likes his cards, his whiskey, and his women, and few thoughts should come in between. Thatís why he surprises himself when he interferes in a card game and ends up with spirited Katie Gallagher as an arranged bride for his brother, Alexander.

Katie Gallagher is more interested in running the family estate than in being a bride, but when her home is in danger of falling into ruins, she canít refuse the marriage terms, especially when her intended is so strikingly handsome. She knows her marriage to Alexander will be a good one, just as long as she can ignore the crazy way Ethan makes her feel inside.

But the marriage between Alexander and Katie is not a perfect one, and the vows become even looser when Ethan and Katie give in to their true feelings for one another. Even though Katie and Ethan have both sworn not to hurt Alexander, will their good intentions be overridden by A Manís Desire?

This is one hot and steamy novel about a manís desire for his brotherís wife. The pace of the story is fast and captivating, and the sexual situations are well written and quite arousing. I had to exhale after reading this one.

There were things with the novel I couldnít quite understand though such as why Ethan ever really wanted to arrange a marriage for his brother when Alexander was certainly not the marrying kind.

I couldnít really identify with Katie either. I expected her to be more of a lady, but at times, she came across to me as a loose woman with voyeuristic tendencies.

Still, I enjoyed this book, simply because of the story line. Itís rare that one finds an erotic romance with such a splendid backdrop. My hat is off to Kathryn Anne Dubois. Well done!

Reviewed in June 2003 by Natasha.

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