by Susan Mallery

September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-77468-5
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Mass Market Paperback

The close knit community of Fool's Gold is still recovering from the tragic deaths of Crystal and Keith Westland. Keith's death in Iraq was hard, but watching Crystal succumb to cancer was heart breaking. Her friends closed ranks to give the dying widow whatever support she needed during those final days. One of her best friends, Pia O'Brian, is stunned to learn that Crystal had left her three fertilized in vitro embryos for Pia. Crystal never said a word, but everyone else thinks Pia would be a fantastic mother.

Why do they think that? Everyone important in Pia's life has abandoned her. Her father committed suicide and her mother moved to Florida leaving Pia behind to finish high school alone. She can't even keep a boyfriend for any length of time. Babies, three babies, would take an unbelievable commitment for the city festival organizer. What was Crystal thinking?

Pia's inner turmoil spills over on a meeting she has with Fool's Gold's newest resident, former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Raoul Moreno. Visiting the area for a golf tournament, he liked what he saw, bought a run-down ranch and turned it into a summer camp for city kids. He wants to make the program year-round and wants to participate in some of the community activities. He hopes the attractive young woman can get her act together to help him. In the meantime, he has plenty to do.

Pia and Raoul have a lot more in common than they realize during that first meeting, and soon they both start to open their hearts to the possibility of becoming a family. But baggage from their pasts has to be overcome, and it will take the community to bring these bruised hearts together.

Author Susan Mallery brings back one of her favorite secondary characters, Raoul Moreno, from Sweet Spot, and gives him his very own story in Finding Perfect. Showing readers the man he has become is a great reward, and he certainly has turned out well! Watching him overcome his past and move forward into a life with Pia will require laughter and tears, but the wait was worth it.

Reviewed in September 2010 by Paula.

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