by Jane Goodger

October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-1150-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Amelia Wellesley traveled from England to Texas to reunite with the man who won her heart: Carson Kitteridge. Part of a long series of performances with a Wild West show, Carson had been the personification of exciting adventure. He’d charmed her with the tales of the lush Texas town of Small Fork; he’d wooed her with the promise of thrilling escapades. Carson even went so far as to ask Amelia’s brother for her hand in marriage. With the vow to send for her soon, Carson returned to Texas. But Amelia could not contain the anticipation burning in her heart. She faked a missive urging Amelia to Carson’s side. Her brother was about to leave for his honeymoon so Amelia wasted no time in setting sail for America.

Bubbling enthusiasm gave way to suspicion before Amelia reached Small Fork. The Texas countryside was nothing like Carson described. Where were all the trees, the flowers? There was no gazebo in the town square, no children laughing and playing in front of white picket fences lining the many beautiful homes Carson had described. There was nothing but intolerable heat and an abundance of dry land. Carson’s brother, Boone, was nothing like she’d been told either. He was a doctor, not the simple-minded fool Carson had claimed. Yet, despite the obvious lies, Amelia was prepared to give Carson another chance. The trouble was he didn’t particularly want it.

Boone Kitteridge spent plenty of time cleaning up his brother’s messes. When Amelia Wellesley walked into his store claiming to be Carson’s fiancée he knew his brother had messed up big this time. Well, Carson could fix this one all on his own. But when Carson simply walked away from Amelia, leaving her to fend for herself, Boone couldn’t abandon her as well. He stayed at the local hotel while she moved into his home, and into his heart.

Boone is an unforgettable hero. He rises from a tragic past as a strong, compassionate man with much to offer the right woman. That woman is Amelia. Although she begins as a self-absorbed girl, Amelia matures throughout the book. There were moments when I didn’t think she deserved Boone, of course, that may have been due to the fact that I was falling for him myself. Once the infatuation with Carson faded, Amelia was able to see that a future with Boone was exactly what her heart wanted.

A Christmas Waltz is the final book in Jane Goodger’s Christmas trilogy, but it is written to stand on its own. The author’s ability to endue her stories with heart remains unchanged; therefore, making her a favorite among readers everywhere.

Reviewed in November 2010 by Rho.

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