by Susan Grant

ISBN: 0-505-52541-0
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Mass Market Paperback

To say that Che Vedla has had a run of bad luck lately is an understatement. He has lost his intended bride, Tee’ah to an earth dweller, Ian Hamilton. Said earth dweller Ian Hamilton has replaced him as Crown Prince of the Vash Nadah when his mother married Che’s father Rom. Che had to stop his younger brother, Klark from killing Ian Hamilton and at that time he met Ian’s independent twin sister Ilana. This was perhaps the brightest spot of the whole situation.

With the impending marriage of Ian and Tee’ah, Che’s political advisors convince him that he must marry before the other couple and set off to find him a proper bride. Che decides he needs a much-needed vacation and chooses earth as his destination. He is convinced that Ilana will help him find his way around this strange land.

Despite the fact that everyone in her family is an expert pilot and loves the air Ilana Hamilton is a dropout of her recent fear of flying class, just the thought of flying makes her ill. So to say the upcoming marriage of her brother where she must fly to another galaxy has her uptight is an understatement.

Ilana has found success as an independent filmmaker and has found a career that she loves. Sure she’s a bit lonely since her immediate family has found love in another galaxy but her fear of flying keeps her from visiting. The Vash Nadah belief that men are superior and women are a weaker sex that need to be protected is too much for the independent Ilana to cope with it’s just as well that her flying fear keep her at a distance.

When Che shows up on her doorstep she is stunned to find that he has come to earth for a relaxing vacation and to celebrate the last of his bachelor days before he settles down with his intended, whoever that might be. After talking with her brother Ilana agrees to help Che out while he is on earth.

The Star Princess is a beautiful addition to Ms Grant’s fabulous Star series. Humor is used throughout this installment. Ilana and Che are a couple destined to be together and their trip to their HEA is a fun ride for the reader. Che’s introduction to the customs of earth dwellers are particularly funny and will have the reader laughing out loud at his experiences. The talented Susan Grant has penned another keeper that will have her audience anxiously awaiting their next ride to her fabulous world.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Barbara.

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