by Lorraine Heath

December 2010
ISBN: 978-0061922954
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Mass Market Paperback

Bad-boy Stephen Lyons is the hero of Lorraine Heath's newest novel, Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman. He is also a real-life hero, after his brothers purchase him an Army commission. Languishing in the War Office for several years due to his mother's influence, Stephen finally has a chance to see action in the Crimea. The horrors of those battles can scar a man's psyche and wound his soul. Stephen suffers both physical and mental injuries, even being declared dead, before he is reunited with his family. As he recovers physically, a severe blow to the head has erased the last two years from his memory. He has no recollection of his time at war.

Nurse Mercy Dawson was one of those selfless women to work with Florence Nightingale at the forefront of the war. Major Stephen Lyons was one of the most courageous men she had ever met, always putting the needs of his men before his own. When he comes to her rescue one horrible night, Mercy feels her admiration turn into love. Later, when she sees his name on the list of those who died, her course is clear. She must take his son to London. There she will give his family a living reminder of the one they lost.

Imagine her shock when Stephen is alive. The secrets surrounding John's birth will surely be shattered and she will be left with nothing. But something is not right. Why doesn't Stephen denounce her, reject her story?

This second novel of the London's Greatest Lovers series, is full of passion and strong emotions. Readers will fall in love with Stephen all over again, and find in Mercy a strong heroine who puts everything aside for her son. It also makes the wait for Ainsley's story even more unbearable.

Reviewed in November 2010 by Paula.

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