by Marjorie M. Liu

December 2010
ISBN: 978-0062020161
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Mass Market Paperback

A young girl walking along the beach in Maine hears a noise and goes to investigate. There she discovers the most amazing thing a boy, injured, lying near the water's edge. But he is not like any boy she has ever seen before. His hair shines like brushed silver, his eyes a clear pale blue, and he has scales where his legs should be. Terrified and hurt, he cannot even tell her his name. As they try to communicate with each other, their meeting is interrupted by another stranger from the sea. Unable to stop this new stranger, all she can do is watch as he drags the boy tail-first back to the sea. The boy struggles to escape, and they disappear back into the ocean as if they had never appeared. But that boy and girl never forget each other.

Jenny and the crew of The Calypso Star are in Malaysia, following up on the report of a sea creature captured by local fishermen. Working for bioresearch company A Priori, tracking down reports of unusual creatures and strange sightings often put them in uncomfortable situations. The murdered woman they find appears to be another wild goose chase at least that is what Jenny tells her crew but she knows the truth.

Survival is foremost in Perrin's mind as he gets punched in the face. Even here, so far from the ocean, trouble seems to find him. Working at the Chicago Aquarium gives him the chance to see familiar creatures, even if they are not necessarily happy to see him. When the dolphins warn him that something is coming, he pays them no mind. He has work to do, another day to survive on dry land. Then the pod starts screaming and Perrin knows he has no choice but to help them, and then find others who would know what was happening.

Perrin reaches the Dirk and Steele office and is unprepared for what he finds there. Reeling from the lingering pain that caused the dolphins to have those seizures, he certainly does not expect to find a young man with the power of fire, or a gargoyle in the kitchen. Just when he decides to leave, the world shifts again, leaving him no choice but to accept their aid.

Jenny and Perrin may be the lynchpins to save the world in this latest fantastic story from Marjorie M. Liu. In the Dark of Dreams offers readers an amazing novel of love, loss and redemption. Several familiar faces assist them in their mission, but their love, beyond all boundaries, is the key.

Reviewed in November 2010 by Paula.

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