by Johanna Lindsey

April 2003
ISBN: 0-380-81480-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Collins
Mass Market Paperback

Everybody knows, in the world of romance there is only one Johanna Lindsey. This paperback release of her 2002 hardcover, is just one of the reasons why she is recognized as an incredible talent. In The Pursuit we meet Melissa MacGregor, daughter of Scottish laird Lachlan MacGregor and Lady Kimberly Richards. Melissa has had to contend with the overprotective attention of her sixteen uncles for years, six of whom are named Ian. Worthy suitors not only have to pass her parents inspection but they must also survive their encounters with her sixteen uncles.

Having exhausted all possible suitors the Highlands have to offer, Melissa prepares to journey to London to attend her first Season. Before she leaves the Highlands, things on the husband front start to look up when a chance meeting with handsome intriguing Lincoln Ross Burnett, seventeenth Viscount Cambury, yield promising results.

Lincoln is a man haunted by a bitter past. Forced to leave his beloved Highlands at the age of twelve for a life with relatives in London, Lincoln has never forgiven his mother for sending him away from his home. But staying would have been deadly, for a feud was raging and young Lincoln was the target of a gang of “savages” named MacFearson. Only the growing love between Lincoln and Melissa will help him to set aside the lingering anger and bitterness.

Of course the path to true love is never smooth. The path Melissa and Lincoln have started on is strewn with sixteen large obstacles bent on protecting their niece from making a mistake.

Add to the mix surprises a plenty and you have an intriguing novel filled with great pacing, passionately vibrant characters and snappy dialogue. Familiar readers will be able to catch up with favorite characters from Love Me Forever(Lachlan and Kimberly) and Man of My Dreams (Megan and Devlin). All in all, an enjoyable read that will not bore, but does very little to really entertain.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Cynthia.

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