by Karen Kendall

October 2003
ISBN: 0-06-000723-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Karen Kendallís new book, Someone Like Him is charming and nice. It has its funny moments and is very sweet.

Lavender ďVinnieĒ Hart is new to New York. Her younger brother just got accepted at a school for gifted boys. Money is needed to pay for the tuition. A job needs to be found. But what does one do with no college degree and straight from small town Kansas? How about looking after a rich guyís dog? Nicholas Wrightís dog.

Nicholas is a successful and driven architect. He owns a penthouse on Fifth Avenue and dates a perfect woman. What he doesnít need is inheriting a Doberman from his eccentric aunt. Not only does the big canine go by the name of Daffodil but is also decked out in designer clothes. Help is needed. And a country girl from Kansas sounds just right.

Itís a modern fairy tale. With the rich and lonely uptown prince falling for the charming country pumpkin. Add a cute dog and an adorable boy and its sugary perfection. However this is a Karen Kendall book and as such it gets a fair amount of eccentric characters and a toad thrown in with it. A spoon wielding cook, a crazed roommate and a wicked sense of humor save this story from becoming too nice.

Itís easy to just relax and enjoy the story of Nick showing Vinnie the world and her teaching him to see it through her eyes. Maybe Vinnie does come across as too unselfish, as too good with her wanting to save the world and not just her mother, her brother and any straight animal and homeless person she can get her hands on. And maybe Nick is too perfect in his looks and his achievements.

Still, the characters are endearing and the story is written in Ms Kendallís light and witty style. Itís never too clever, never too dark or ironic. Itís amusing and itís enjoyable. Itís more Lavender Hartís Kansas than Nicholas Wrightís New York. Iím not complaining. Someone Like Him is a comfort read. And as such itís perfect. Anyone in need of one should pick it up and read it, and reread it.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Kris Alice.

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