by Sarah Sundin

September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3422-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Revell
Trade Paperback

Army nurse Lieutenant Ruth Doherty doesn’t date. And she can keep the men in her ward at bay, despite many attempts to win her affection. But when Major Jack Novak lands in the hospital after a plane crash, he is determined to win the challenge. Ruth might not date — but she will go out with him.

Jack and his friend Charlie are adept at coming up with excuses to be around Ruth and her roommate May, and Charlie and May are even forming a relationship. But, Ruth seems to be only focused on her career in order to support her younger brothers and sisters back home. A relationship won’t hamper that, but Ruth is determined that no man will get her heart.

Jack can’t bear to lose this challenge, even though his friend Charlie warns him off. But, it soon is apparent that Jack’s pride is holding him back in many areas. Can Jack be man enough to let Ruth go?

A Memory Between Us is the second book in Ms. Sundin’s Wings of Glory series. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Jack, and I felt for Ruth, even though I wanted her to rise above her challenges. I loved Ms. Sundin’s first book, A Distant Melody, but I think this book was even better.

If you like to read historical romances then this World War II romance is a book you’ll want to read. Ms. Sundin’s writing talent takes you up in the cockpit of fighter planes flying over Germany, and you can almost feel the turbulence. And I especially loved the “sight-seeing tours” of Great Britain.

Discussion questions are included at the end of the book.

Reviewed in November 2010 by Laura.

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