by Lori Handeland

November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-38934-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Alex was a Jager-Suchers but she has turned rogue and is no longer under Edward's hand or has to follow his rules. Or so she thought. She is after one thing and that is to find the werewolf who killed her father while they were after him.

Julian is after one thing and that is to find the Jager-Suchers who killed his wife. He has finally trapped her and he doesnít plan on killing her, only making the rest of her life miserable. And he knows exactly how to do it, turn her into what she hunts and despises the most, a werewolf.

Only Julian doesnít plan on taking her with him once he has turned her. His plans donít work out that way as once he gets so far away from her he starts getting physically sick. He doesnít understand it but he knows he must take her with him.

In the meantime, Edward has shown up and convinces Alex that she must go with Julian as the person who killed her father is in Julianís pack. Animosity flows between Alex and Julian but so does a severe attraction between the two of them; they have a love hate relationship.

There are problems at the village near Julianís small town. Someone is killing the villagers and it is a werewolf. Julian doesnít want to believe it is one of his own, but Alex believes it is and she sets out to prove it. The murders are not the only thing going on in this village and with the pack members.

Marked by the Moon is A Nightcreature Novel that will leave you spellbound by the mystery that is unfolding in not only who the killer is, but how Julian is when Alex gets too far from him. While the story is coming to life we learn about some of the pack members as well as the villagers. This is one story that will leave you hanging until the end as far as who the killer is, as well as a few other things. I canít wait to see what Mrs. Handeland has in store for us in Moon Cursed.

Reviewed in January 2011 by Pam.

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