by Jill Marie Landis

June 2003
ISBN: 0-345-45332-8
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Imagine being a young woman with a new baby and a fiancée who is killed while returning to marry you and start a new life. Rick had gone home to tell his wealthy parents about Catherine Graham, the love of his life and his son Christopher. He had finally found something in his life to make life worth living then the terrible accident took him away and left Catherine all alone. Rick’s parents wanted to raise their grandson but wanted nothing to do with his mother and sent their lawyer to offer her a huge sum of money to turn Christopher over to them and walk away. What’s a frightened girl to do? Catherine took Christopher and ran.

Six years later Carly Nolan is living with her young son in Twilight Cove, California. She makes her living as a waitress at the local diner. She supplements her income by working for her friend Geoff at The Cove Gallery - the art gallery for local artists. Carly also occasionally sells her works of art there. Christopher, her young son, is thriving. He has made friends in Twilight Cove and has even joined the T-ball team. Carly hopes her running days are over but the thought is always in the back of her mind. She will not give up her son and will do whatever is necessary to keep him even if it means leaving the town they both have come to love.

Jake Montgomery is a private investigator that has been looking for Catherine for six years. He worked for the firm hired by Rick’s parents to find her and their grandson. Even though Jake has his own firm now he has never forgotten this case. It was like Caroline dropped off the face of the earth when she fled. Jake has a personal reason for finding Caroline and her son as he was Rick’s best friend and he feels as if he owes it to Rick to find his family.

When Jake’s partner Kat Vargas happens to spot a photograph in a magazine of a picture similar to the ones Caroline used to paint Jake is off to Twilight Cove to investigate. He soon learns that the artist is a local woman Carly Nolan. Soon Jake finds himself drawn to Carly and Christopher in a very personal way, breaking his number one rule to never become personally involved in a case.

Jill Marie Landis has brought her trademarks of a tender love story with a breathtaking background into the 21st century in Lover’s Lane her first contemporary. She continues to capture the reader’s emotions with her wonderful creation of characters the reader falls in love with. She creates a bit of suspense as both Jake and Carly have issues from their past they must deal with and confess to each other. With wonderful secondary characters that round out the story Ms Landis has penned a compelling read. One the reader won’t soon forget. I look forward to visiting Twilight Cove again. Perhaps Ms Landis might pen the story of Kat Vargas, Jake’s partner.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Barbara.

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