by Jo Davis

September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-23179-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Readers of Jo Davis' Firefighters of Station Five series have been waiting for Sean and Eve's story. Finally all that unresolved chemistry will come to a head in a very delicious way!

After the devastating death of his wife and two children in a fiery car crash, Captain Sean Tanner is a recovering alcoholic. He has barely started the hard road to recovery but he has made progress. He is back at work at Station Five and he is back with some of the best men, and definitely one amazing woman, that he knows. Now that his head is on somewhat straighter, Sean is definitely feeling the heat that is sparking between him and Eve Marshall, the only female at the fire station.

Eve has had feelings for Sean for five years. She never thought she would get a chance to act on them but suddenly, he is noticing her as a female and not a friend. Eve is scared to hope that it could lead anywhere because Sean still has a rocky road ahead of him and she wants to be the friendly support he needs. But that is hard to do when one kiss scorches them both. They are hesitant to begin a relationship but cannot keep away from each other. It all seems to be finally going well for Sean and Eve but life has another storm planned for Sean. Maybe, just maybe, the accident that took his family was no accident at all. Is there someone Sean can hold responsible for the deaths of three people he loved?

Ride the Fire is the latest book in Jo Davis' Firefighters of Station Five series. I have been on tenterhooks waiting for Sean and Eve's story. I cannot say it was wholly satisfying but it definitely had its moments. The romance is assuredly the strongest aspect of the story, as is Sean's continued grief. Learning to let go and fall in love is something he handled throughout the course of the story.

Unfortunately, I was not as thrilled by the "suspense" aspect of the story which just seemed so blatantly villainous that the bad guy became a caricature more than a character. This did not help me really become interested in the suspense plot.

Jo Davis' strength is definitely with the romance. Even as it can be a bit corny and purple-prose at times, I still enjoyed watching Sean and Eve finally reconcile their differences and take a stand together for the future.

Reviewed in November 2010 by Sarah.

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