by Erica Orloff

August 2003
ISBN: 0-373-25032-0
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Trade Paperback

With its world famous blues, the whisper of voodoo, and its crowd of wild partygoers, the city of New Orleans sets its own pace. And in that rhythm, lives the heart of Georgia Ray Miller.

Georgia is a wedding singer who yearns to sing the blues but is afraid of failing. As she struggles to reach her true potential, she is accompanied by her grandmother, Nan, a free-spirited woman who isn't ashamed to count a prostitute as one of her best friends, Dominique who was actually born Damon, and Georgia's band mates who complete her singing group, The Georgia Saints. They share the laughter and the tears in Nan's huge mansion, the Heartbreak Hotel.

As Georgia perfects her talent, she discovers a diary, which belonged to her great Aunt, Irene. Although written in the past, the words in this journal will help Georgia find her future and discover where her heart truly lies.

Sometimes, you'll read a book that you want to just go out and buy a copy for five or six of your closest friends. This book is so great that you go further. You purchase copies as Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, including your 3-year-old niece. One day, she’ll be reading, and when she does, you want her to read one of the best books you've ever read.

Diary of a Blues Goddess is that book! The writing is flawless. Erica Orloff has whipped up a fresh batter of love, mystery, and music, coated it with that special New Orleans seasoning, and created one scrumptious, addictive novel.

The unique cast of characters is a winning combination. One minute, they’re so outrageously funny that your sides are in stitches, and the next moment, you’re in tears because you too have experienced their hopes and heartbreaks.

Georgia is every woman who has ever been afraid to reach for a dream. At the same time, she’s that same woman who obtains the dreams and then later, wisely realizes that sometimes reality is much better than the fantasy. With Georgia, Erica Orloff has created a multidimensional character who leaves a memorable impression with her every thought.

As for the rest of the Heartbreak Crew, they are all exceptionally interesting especially Dominique, the Shirleys, Nan, and Tony. Dominique and the Shirleys are laugh out loud funny, but somehow in the middle of all their shenanigans, they make you long for your own friends and their eccentricities. Nan is the woman I would like to be. Her tolerance of others and her zest for life is inspiring. And Tony, he is adorable- the constant friend with the heart of a lover. Oh and the ghosts, you can never forget the ghosts. Those feisty women would never allow that. Let’s just say they’re quite spirited.

The only flaw in this book is the ending. Why did it end? Why couldn’t it just go on and on forever? Erica Orloff, you have reached your dream. You are a literary goddess.

And you reader, grab a box of junior mints and a nice cool drink, throw on an ABBA record, and settle back on the couch and read Diary of a Blues Goddess. You’ll love it!

Reviewed in September 2003 by Natasha.

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