by Christine Warren

November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-94794-1
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

This next assignment may make (or break) her career. Attorney Danice Carter has paid her dues and recognition from a senior partner is very impressive. She is thrilled right up until the moment when she learns that she is being offered up as a very well-paid babysitter. All she has to do is convince a spoiled brat to bring a paternity suit against the father of her unborn child. The trouble begins when Danice realizes that Rosemary does not want to be located or play by her grandfather's rules.

PI McIntyre “Mac” Callahan has orders of his own – find Rosemary. Instead what he finds is Danice snooping around an empty mansion, and Rosemary on the run. Danice is too intense for his tastes and her questions make Mac pretty uncomfortable. She is not going to like any of his answers.

Mac and Danice soon find themselves deep in Faerie chasing after Rosemary. Mac hopes that he can keep Danice out of trouble and avoid angering the members of the Unseelie Court during their investigation. Danice has already reconciled herself to vampires and shapeshifters, but finding out that Faeries are real is almost too much to digest.

Author Christine Warren's latest book in the Others series left me a little flat. I found Danice a trifle unlikable. The relationship with Mac did not ring true, and the plot was just too contrived. I was disappointed since I am a big fan of the series as a whole, and hope this was just one dud out of many excellent stories. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here is not an integral part of the rest of the Others books, and you might want to skip it.

Reviewed in January 2011 by Paula.

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