by Julia London

ISBN: 0-425-19123-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Here is the book, all of us ‘die-hard’ historical reader’s, have been waiting for. Julia London has written her first contemporary and let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed.

Robin Lear; daughter of a multi-million dollar shipping baron, has just found out that her father is dying and her place of work, within her father’s company, isn’t as solid as she thought. Aaron Lear has decided that his spoiled daughter needs to learn about the real world and demotes Robin from her cushy office job to working out of her house, learning the ropes in another facet of the company. Of course this doesn’t sit well with Robin, who is just as stubborn and pigheaded at her father. And on top of everything else, she’s having her new home totally renovated….now she’ll also have to deal with workman being around all of the time. How much more can a ‘body’ stand?!

Jake Manning is a renovator who has worked on many rich, people’s homes. He is used to snotty, stuck-up hot shots, who think they’re better than anyone else. He himself grew up on the streets and left before being caught up in a tough life. His business is thriving, he’s getting his college degree and he’s just bought a house of his own. When Robin Lear calls and asks him to renovate her new home, he’s sure she’s just another rich, witch and is prepared to do battle with her. Little does he know, she’s exactly what he knew she would be, plus a lot more and he can’t wait to learn all of her secrets!

These two characters are as different as night and day, but go together like whip cream and’ll never get enough of them. They fight, they makeup, they fight again…it never ends and it’s wonderful. The romance is great, the sex is fantastic and you’ll never miss that it’s not a historical. Ms. London is a very talented writer and proves it in this genre of romance. The settings are very detailed, characterization is complete and the plot is very believable. You will find no lull in this story and will be very happy to put it on your keeper shelf, with all of Julia’s other books.

A #1 pick for your summer reading!


Reviewed in June 2003 by Debbie.

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