by Kieran Kramer

November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-61164-4
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

When a group of bachelors gather to celebrate their friend's last night as a single man, they have no idea what they are about to set into motion. The Prince Regent overhears their commiseration, and has a marvelous idea – what about a contest?

When the first contest winner will be the man with the most delectable mistress, Harry Traemore knows he will have stiff competition. Some of his fellow bachelors have incredible companions and he hopes his latest paramore, Fiona, will be good enough to keep him unattached for another year.

When Fiona bolts, Harry finds himself without a contestant until he runs into an old adversary, Lady Mary “Molly” Fairbanks. Molly has been a thorn in his side since she was thirteen when she revealed that Harry had been kissing his future sister-in-law, and not in a brotherly fashion. The fallout from that exposure has lasted years.

Molly finds herself in a jam. Not only has her “fiance” taken off with Fiona, she is now stuck with the last person on earth who would rescue her – Harry Traemore. He offers to take her home as soon as he wins this year's competition – which requires her cooperation as well.

A bored “Prinny” is an unhappy “Prinny” and amusements such as this are his favorite form of entertainment. Debut author Kieran Kramer takes this idea and runs with it in her series The Impossible Bachelors. The first novel When Harry Met Molly sets the tone from the title itself. The chuckle that induces will continue into full blown amusement as Harry and Molly battle their way from the ballroom to the bedroom. I fell in love with the characters immediately, and especially enjoyed the portrayal of the Prince Regent. Ms. Kramer has started off with a winner!

Reviewed in October 2010 by Paula.

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