by Patricia Waddell

September 2003
ISBN: 0-821-77500-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

He Said Yes is the second story in The Gentlemanís Club series. Once I started reading the story I had a hard time putting it down. I kept turning the pages to find out what would happen next.

A set of circumstances brought our hero and heroine together. Marshall Hanley Bedford, Marquis of Waltham wanted a mistress and he thought he found one in the most unlikely of places. He thought a mistress just might be what he needed to get away from his family for a while, he was getting tired of having to attend the balls, operas, and escort his sister around to these place and many other places as well.

He is also a gallant knight that came to Evelynís rescue. Not only to her rescue but offered to keep her until her trial. Not only did he help to keep her safe but he set her up in her own household. At first it seemed like everything was going okay, then one mishap after another set them in turmoil and left them not knowing what to do. But Marshall wanted to keep Evelyn near him, but will she let him? Will he come around to the possibility that she might be the one for him?

Evelyn is a seamstress that had the sad misfortune of running into a not so nice lady and she is accused of something she didnít do. Not only is Marshall out to keep her safe, but his proposal of being his mistress is not something that she can fathom. But will she be able to keep him out of her bed and out of her heart? She is forced to do what she thinks is the best interest to her and sets about doing it. Only one thing, her heart is breaking and she tries to get over him. But can she really?

Both Marshall and Evelyn are strong willed and determined to have their own way. Can these two have a normal relationship with the threat over Evelynís head? Can they both get over their stubbornness to see that what they need is each other and can the misunderstanding be straightened out for them to find happiness after all?

Ms. Waddell gives us a great tale that will draw you away from reality for a little while and put you in London and the surrounding areas. The secondary characters of the other gentlemen in the club and Marshallís family are interesting to see and how they each play a role in bringing the two of them together. I canít wait to see Norton Foxhall, the Earl of Granbyís story, as I am waiting with eager anticipation to get my hands on He Said No and find out how his true love is found and what type of adventure she puts him through.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Pam.

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