by Michele Sinclair

October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0855-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Christmastide December 1154

As the old knight, Laon lay dying, Sir Ranulf de Gunnar reluctantly agreed to Laon’s requests. Ranulf would accept the ownership of the Anscomb lands and title, something Ranulf never expected to inherit, and marry Laon’s youngest and most beautiful daughter, Lily. Ranulf knew he wouldn’t go through with the marriage, he’d just said “yes” to give Laon peace of mind. He would look after, from afar, all three of Laon’s daughters. After all Ranulf knew he was unacceptable as husband material. A battle hardened warrior, Ranulf was hideously scarred on the left side of his face, and the loss of his left eye, which he refused to hide with an eye patch, earned Ranulf the moniker of Deadeye!

When word reaches Hunswick Castle that their father is dead and the new Lord Anscombe, a barbaric monstrously disfigured soldier is to wed the youngest of the le Breton sisters, oldest and the strongest of them, Bronwyn agrees to pose as Lily. Someone needs to form an alliance with the new lord, even if he is rough around the edges, and arrogant. Ranulf is no fool and easily sees through Bronwyn’s ruse.

Sustaining a life threatening injury soon after his arrival, Bronwyn is the only one capable of saving the brutish Ranulf. While caring for the unconscious knight, Bronwyn is enthralled by the man’s strength and sees past his gruesome scars to the wounded heart of Ranulf so in need of love. Ranulf is Bronwyn’s perfect gift for Christmas, but Baron Luc Craven, Bronwyn’s former suitor, won’t give up until he gets revenge for being spurned. Craven will take great enjoyment in watching The Christmas Knight lose all!

The Christmas Knight is the perfect Christmas gift! Michele Sinclair wraps her newest romance novel up in all the elements needed for a great read. There’s lots of sparks flying with fast paced action, adventure, some heartbreaking scenes, but all culminate in the joy of an emotional finale. Bronwyn and Ranulf both see beyond the physical to the soul of beauty. Great secondary characters, especially Bronwyn’s prickly middle sister Edythe and Ranulf’s second in command Tyr. Hope their story is next!

Reviewed in October 2010 by Bonnie.

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