by Lori Foster

ISBN: 0-373-69130-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #930
Mass Market Paperback

Riley Moore has been smitten with Regina Foxworth since he first met her three weeks ago. With her bright green eyes and flaming red hair, what man in his right mind wouldn’t notice. Regina has no idea of Riley’s feelings though. She has been coming to Riley’s gym for self-defense classes, too bad she’s too self-conscious about her appearance to really be able to learn much. Riley has plans to give her very private lessons that he hopes will eventually lead to his bed.

Regina has been having problems from an assumed stalker. Her and Rosie were trapped in a burning building three weeks ago, her camera was stolen, her car was run off the road and most recently her apartment was broken in to. The police don’t take the situation seriously. Finding no real evidence, they think the acts are just random with no connection to Regina personally.

Riley doesn’t agree and when he finds that Regina has just purchased a house and plans to move away from the security of her well populated apartment complex and into her country home, he becomes even more worried. Regina assures him she will be fine. She even agrees to buy a guard dog. She returns with a Chihuahua named Butch. Some guard dog - the only one he seems to really dislike is Riley. Finally after a rock is thrown through Regina’s window early one morning, she agrees to move in with Riley on a temporary basis. He has her just where he wants her, under his roof and hopefully soon in his bed. He first has to find out who is after her and why though.

Ms Foster continues to amaze me with her remarkable story telling ability. Each book she creates has the ability to draw the reader in and make them a part of the story. I find myself starting each new book with the feeling that I could not possibly like it as well as her last offering and close the last page with the “she’s done it again” feeling. With her remarkably sexy heroes and her feisty heroines, Ms Foster continues to produce the highest quality work. She writes with a consistent emotional and sensual voice that few can duplicate. I am anxiously awaiting her next offering. Pick up a copy of Riley and I predict she will be quickly added to your auto-buy list as well.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Barbara.

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