by Cara Summers

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-79559-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #555
Mass Market Paperback

Author Cara Summers wraps up her Haworth House series with a duet of stories in one book. Avery Cooper, the resort manager, is marketing a Singles Weekend event. He even went to Hattie for approval and to use the fantasy box. He hopes that all the magic in the air will be just what Reese needs to find happiness. Reese Brightman has come home to Maine to regroup. Her career as a TV chef should be taking off, but it seems to be heading no where. The producer, Mac Davies cannot decide on the right setting. Reese knows that Haworth House is perfect, but she has to find a way to convince Mac. Of course she has never met the man and he won't return her calls, but she is determined.

Mac Davies has come to Haworth House to escape from his persistent chef. What was she doing here? Even more worrisome was the attraction he felt from just seeing her picture was even more intense in person. How was he supposed to keep his mind on business?

Ever since he saw Hattie's ghost, Cody Marsh has been itching to get back to Haworth House. Now he has the perfect reason work. In this case, Cody is playing bodyguard for a witness who definitely needs protection from the mob. Using the Singles Weekend as a cover is perfect. He can keep close tabs on his assignment. Brie Sullivan has no complaints about her hideaway, or her sexy guardian. How close to her body does he need to be? Can she convince him that a little skin-to-skin protection would make her feel safe?

Twice the Temptation will give readers plenty of romance, with a little danger for spice. Ms. Summers also wraps up several other loose threads to give series readers plenty of closure.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Paula.

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