by Stephanie Burke

May 2003
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Hidden Passions is a compendium of short stories, portraying the different paths love takes by author Stephanie Burke.

In Tempest Lust finds its destination with twins and a woman stranded in a rain storm after finding out some pretty unsettling news.

Black and White told in first person is sexual tension at its best with two lovers from very different cultures.

Friends and Lovers is self explanatory, sometimes friends make the best lovers.

Genie in a Bottle Kari gets her wish when she inadvertently wishes out loud for a man. And she gets one in the way of a Sex Genie, and oh boy is he sexy!

Voyuertese Chase (from the first story) of the auburn hair and Adonis like body takes a shot at some voyeuristic fantasies.

Reversal is Jon’s story, Jon is looking for a little pampering when he hands the reins of domination to someone else.

A sexual romp no doubt, but tapping into fantasies we’ve all experienced at one time or another. Twins, Genie’s, your best friend since childhood all in one neat little package. I have to confess I wouldn’t mind a Genie of my own, or maybe a set of twins! Each story is a short look into a world most of us will never enter, and that’s good story telling, when you can involve your reader in the sheer pleasure of indulgence.

The author has a gift for plotting a story quickly, a beginning, middle and an ending in a short format. If you’re looking for a quick treat and something to wet the libido read Hidden Passions!

Reviewed in June 2003 by Connie.

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