by Marie Harte

July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2750-8
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It was a hundred years ago that the Voids, portals to other worlds, appeared in Cross Step, Kansas and started transporting unearthly creatures to Earth. The Voids gave rise to Conduits, humans affected strangely by the Voids who have developed strange abilities. The government set up a barrier around Cross Step that has trapped Voiders, the name given to those who have come through the Voids, Conduits and Norms, regular humans, together in an uneasy cohabitation.

While on assignment Victoria Fox, a Conduit, is forced to take refuge in a bar to escape pursuit. Unfortunately for her, Vicki has stepped into a Ravager bar and comes to the attention of Eric, the Prime or king of the Ravagerís, and his pack. Beyond tempted to stay and enjoy the attention of Eric and his pack Vicki nonetheless has to forcibly rebuff them in order to complete her assignment. But Eric and his pack wonít take no for an answer and itís not long before they once again catch up to Vicki and begin to show her just how sweet surrender can be. As Vicki, Eric and Dominic, Ericís second in command, begin to explore their attraction they must face obstacles from both without and within.

Namesake is a deliciously hot read that grabs you by the throat and takes over your imagination. Vickiís strength and her unwillingness to be treated as a weak woman is what I love best about her. Eric and Domís desire for Vicki and their ability to allow Vicki to be a strong woman is hot and sure to get readers temperatures rising. The combustible relationship between Vicki and her men is sure to make this story one to be read over and over again. Marie Harte is a wonderfully talented writer that not only creates characters with depth but is sure to have them engage in sinfully good situations that will leave readers reaching for something to cool them down. I loved Namesake and I cannot wait to read more of Marie Harteís work or revisit this world that sheís created.

Reviewed in January 2011 by Claudia.

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