by Anne Stuart

August 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-694-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Into the Fire is a spine tingling romantic suspense that whips the reader into a world where a madman is toying with the lives of his friends and family in an attempt to exact revenge. Jamie Kincaid grew up understanding that her family loved her cousin Nate more than they loved her. When Nate, is found beaten to death in his friend Dillonís garage, Jamie is sent to recover his belongings. Dillon Gaynor, knows first hand that life isnít fair, after serving time, he is determined to stay on the straight and narrow and not make waves. However, Dillon also knows that Nate was not the man he pretended to be to his family. Dillon and Jamie must come to terms with the secrets that haunt their past before their future is cut short.

I found this novel to be a really scary ride and I enjoyed it immensely! Anne Stuart has crafted a novel that gives the reader a thrill and still incorporates a romance that touches the heart. Dillon is a misunderstood man who has ceased trying to explain his actions or himself to anyone. Jamie is a little naive and a bit too trusting but somehow the relationship works. It is touching romance between two individuals who are misunderstood by the rest of world and who are attracted to each other even though neither of them wants to fall in love. I found the romance to be at times a little harsh but it leaves the reader with a good feeling in the end.

The suspense in this book is superb, it is so chilling that I had to put the book down in order to recover at times. I found the protagonist to be so evil that he appear inhuman in parts of the book and left me wondering if he truly is a monster. The plot leads the reader down turning, twisting road that at times seems to lead to the heart of evil. It has so many twists that I feared for all the characters in the book at times and found my heart racing at the climax of story. I could not put this novel down and found the fast paced style made this book an easy read. The characters are at times disturbing but fit the story line beautifully and create a mood that draws the reader into the novel. If you enjoy a thrilling read with a dash of romance than I highly recommend this book for you!

Reviewed in July 2003 by Jen.

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