by Pat White

ISBN: 0-505-52549-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Dorchester Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Pat White is a six-time Golden Heart finalist. The book of her heart is the wonderful fun and quirky romantic comedy, Got a Hold on You. Set in professional wrestling, with an ensemble of original characters I found myself intrigued and charmed.

Frankie McGee is analytical, practical and in control, that is until she is thrown into the circus that is pro wrestling, where she finds out about animal attraction and lust. Her uncle Joe, owner of Wrestling Heroes and Kings, needs her help to save his business. Starting out as a seamstress, dressing the likes of The Purple Panther and Thundering Tornado, she soon finds herself donning one of the skimpy outfits to appear as Tiger Lady alongside Black Jack on stage. In her first “performance”—she knocks him out and costs him his champion belt.

Black Jack Hudson is full of life, caring and compassionate. He is ready to leave the pro wrestling world, to lead a normal life, an ordinary life. But when Joe pressures him into renewing his contract, it shall only be with his new partner Tiger Lady. A guarantee for disaster and early retirement. A woman unlike the owner’s niece, controlled, business orientated and irritating Frankie.

Frankie is not letting on that Tiger Lady and Frankie are one and the same. She likes Jack—a lot—and he doesn’t like Frankie. And her mother and fiancé don’t need to know either. And then there is the pretend marriage…with kisses that have her soaring through the air. Kisses that make her jump and crave more.

I love authors giving their characters time to become friends before they become lovers. Helps me to see where the necessary trust is coming from. The romance between Jack and Frankie is hot, funny and believable. I was unable to resist them and can’t help whooping and singing my praise for Ms. White.

In this unpredictable tale, the humor is light, fast and superbly paced. Providing over the top, outrageous fun. Let’s hope that this talented author with her own unique voice will present us with many more tales as funny and fresh as Got a Hold on You.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Kris Alice.

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