by Catherine Mann

ISBN: 0-373-27296-0
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Mass Market Paperback

In Catherine Mann’s new Wingmen Warriors installment, Private Maneuvers, you just have to admire the heroine, Darcy “Wren” Renshaw. She is strong and kicks ass. She is vulnerable – I’d be facing creepy crawlies and slippery snakes - but also brave and intelligent. Growing in character from being first a victim to becoming a survivor. No wonder then that undercover CIA agent, Max Keagan, can’t help his attraction for her and his need to protect her.

In this suspenseful and superbly crafted story set on a tropical island, Max seeks revenge for his murdered girlfriend/partner and their unborn baby. He might pose as a professor and look like a surfer, but he’s living a life of danger. A life he’s unwilling to let Darcy - his pilot on the mission - be part of, no matter how tempting her offers of “friendship” might be.

Sensible and sensually told, all of Catherine Mann’s stories guarantee satisfaction. In Private Maneuvers I might have wanted more sufficient reasons for the villains’ actions, however the suspense was handled with skill and the unexpected ending is truly breathtaking and memorable.

I do like a strong heroine, one that although vulnerable due to past experiences is still brave enough to face her fears and to believe in trust and love. Darcy needs to prove to her fellow Wingmen Warriors that she has earned her wings with hard work and not through her father’s connections. Not an easy thing when you are “only” piloting a university professor. But of course she does prove to be an equal when it comes to fighting off bad guys and definitely an equal when it comes to skill, character and friendship.

Friendship is an important ingredient of Private Maneuvers. And Ms. Mann creates a perfect balance for Darcy and Max. Allowing them to become friends, to respect and trust each other. The way their relationship develops and how it will hopefully progress is near perfect. Who wouldn’t want their beloved to be also their best friend?

So you want adventure, a strong heroine, a sexy hero and all that on a tropical island? With Catherine Mann’s latest Wingmen Warriors release, Private Maneuvers you get that and more. Much more!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Kris Alice.

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